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1572 – S. Munster – Ptolemaisch general Tafel

Title:                      Ptolemeisch General Tafel, die Halbe Kugel der Welt Begreiffende”​

​Second ancient map of the World, based upon the writings of Ptolemy. This map by Sebastian Münster features 12 wind heads and other classic pre-Columbian beliefs about the known World.​
​The continents are all primitively shaped and are all connected by a great southern continent (Terra Incognita Secundum Ptolemaeum). There is also the large mythical Island of Taprobana (Sumatra or Ceylon) and India is divided into India infra Gangem ( India proper ) and India Extra ( Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam ). Only the northern part of Africa is shown with and up to the sources of the Nile.​ Map comes from the German edition of Sebastian Münster’s Cosmography, titled “Cosmographey oder beschreibung aller Länder“, published 1572 by Heinrich Petri in Basel.

Cartographer:      Sebastian Munster​ (1488 – 1552)
Leaf size:             42,6 x 34,8 cm
Year:                  1572
Technique:           woodcut

In good condition for such an early map. Paper slightly browned and water stained. Centrefold as published. Beautiful hand colouring.

This is a genuine antique map published in 1572 and NOT a modern copy or reprint!

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