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1735 – J. B. Homann – Lithuaniam Borussicam

Title:                      “Potentissimo Borussorum Regi Friderico Wilhelmo Maiestate, Fortitudine Clementia Augustissimo Hancce Lithuaniam Borussicam : in qua luca coloniis Salisburg., ad incolendum Regio nutu concessa chorographice exhibentur D. D. D. Regiae Suae Maiestatis.”​

Large 2-sheet map of an area of Lithuania and Eastern Prussia (Russian province of Kaliningrad) stretching from Klaipeda (Memel) in the north to Goldap in the south (a town on the Polish – Russian (Kaliningrad) border, Tilsit (Sovetsk) and Gumbinnen (Gusev). A very detailed map of the area, showing many towns, a dam, regions, woods, rivers. With a large figurative cartouche and a plan of the city of Gumbinnen (now Gusev, in the Kaliningrad Oblast), built by Frederick William I of Prussia, as he was redeveloping the area after the population had been ravaged by plague in 1711. In 1732 he resettled the area with some of the 20,000 Protestants expelled from the Archbishopric of Salzburg. Very detailed!

Cartographer:      Johann Baptist Homann (1664-1724)
Engraving size:    2*57,7 x 49,0 cm
Leaf size:              2*59,0 x 50,0 cm
Year:                     1735
Technique:           copper engraving

Excellent condition! Very strong print and paper. Center fold as published. Attractive original hand coloring.

This is a genuine antique map published in 1735 and not a modern copy or reprint!

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