Terms and Conditions

          I. General provisions

  1. www.antique-maps.lt e-shop is owned by Audrius Vengalis,  Individual Activity Certificate No.: 771912; Antique Dealer License No.: 98; located in Kaunas, Lithuania, European Union; Tel.: +370 69006900; email: info@antique-maps.lt . The rules of the Online Stores (hereinafter referred to as the Shop) (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) apply to the Customer at the order of the antique-maps.lt Store.
  2. antique-maps.lt has the right to adjust the Terms of the Shop. The rules apply to all Customers ordering this Store.
  3. The Client must familiarize himself with the Shop Rules before placing an order. In all cases, the Customer is deemed to be familiar with the Rules and approves of them when finalizing the order.
  4. The store is not liable for losses incurred (material or moral) in cases where problems have been caused to the Customer without considering the information of the Rules which is publicly displayed on this page.

         II. Privacy policy

  1. The customer must register for the ordering of goods from the Shop by entering all the information which is indicated on the registration form. All mandatory fields marked with are required for proper order execution. The shop confirms that the fact of the registration does not mean that information messages will be sent to the Customer, except those required for the ordering and delivery of the goods. At the request of the Client, he will be given the opportunity to choose such messages to be sent to him.
  2. When ordering goods, the Customer’s personal data necessary for the delivery of the goods must be indicated: name; surname; the address at which the goods will be delivered; telephone number; others necessary for delivery. The store confirms that such data will only be used for the ordering and delivery of goods. The store undertakes not to disclose such information to third parties, except the Stores’ partners, who provide delivery services or other services related to the delivery or execution of the Customer’s order. Any other personal exceptions to the disclosure of Client’s information to third parties are in all cases coordinated with the Client. In all other cases, any personal data of the Client may be disclosed to third parties only in cases provided for in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. The client, having got acquainted with the Rules, confirms that he is informed that cookies (files sent from the web server) will be placed on his computer when browsing the Store. COOKIES Cookies are small files that are sent to the user’s web browser, and when they first visit the site on browsers or other devices. Later on, the site uses cookies to ensure the best possible use of the site by the user when the user’s computer is identified and it facilitates access to the website or the information contained therein, making it more convenient for the user to adapt the content of the site. We use cookies for tracking duration, frequency monitoring and collecting statistical information to better understand the behavior of the user’s browsing on a website and target marketing orientation. The user can at any time delete or block some or all of the stored cookies on their computers or other devices by changing their browser settings. For more information on deleting or blocking cookies, visit the browser manufacturer’s website. Please note that following these steps, some features of the site may be partially or completely inaccessible and inaccessible. The site can use third-party plug-ins (partners, statistics collection systems, communication systems, etc.) that also use cookies to ensure their proper functionality. We emphasize that the site manager is not in control, can not be and is not responsible for the use of third-party cookies, content, and the privacy protection of these websites, which we recommend in each case for individual access.
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  4. The store confirms that it seeks to use the most advanced technology for Customer Personal Data Protection.

        III. Order terms and conditions

  1. The customer chooses the goods he likes on the shop’s website. His choice is based on a basket of goods.
  2. Once the goods basket has been completed, the Customer must enter the data necessary for delivery of the selected goods: his name, surname, address, on which the goods will be delivered, the phone and additional information that may be relevant for the delivery of the order goods. The shop confirms that the data provided by the Client will be used exclusively for selling and delivering the goods, without prejudice to the requirements for the protection of personal data provided for in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. Next, the Customer must choose one of the possible methods of billing in the Shop. At the same time, the delivery method and price may be chosen.
  4. In the last step, all data submitted by the Customer is generated, before which the Customer must verify that the submitted data is correct and in accordance with his wishes. The customer has the opportunity to correct the errors, if any, before sending the order. In the event that before the goods are selected, the Customer is not familiar with the Rules of the Shop, it must do so before confirming the order and the data provided therein, otherwise the Customer will be deemed to be familiar with the Rules.
  5. After the Customer confirms the order, the Store receives all information about it. The order is deemed to be submitted from the moment it is received by the Store. In this case, it is considered that there is an agreement between the Customer and the Stores. However, such agreement is deemed to be enforceable only from the moment when the Shop receives confirmation from the Customer’s chosen payment method for the settlement of the goods.
  6. Upon submission of the order to the Customer, the Shops system automatically sends an e-mail to the Customer, which specifies the ordered goods and the data provided by the Customer.
  7. The store, upon receipt of a notification that the Customer has executed a payment order for the order made, undertakes to execute the order.
  8. The order submitted by the Customer is stored in the Stores database in accordance with the requirements of the valid legislation of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the term of such data storage.
  9. In all cases, the Client is deemed to be familiar with and unconditionally accepting all the Rules of the Shipment, when placing the order, as with any other terms specified in the order.

         IV. Warranty and product pricing

  1. The characteristics of each Store’s product are commonly referred to each item.
  2. The store indicates and the Client confirms that he is aware that the goods specified in the Shop may, in their color, shape or other parameters, be inconsistent with the actual size, shape and color of the goods due to the characteristics of the monitor used.
  3. The customer agrees that, when placing an order electronically in the Shop, he undertakes to pay the price for the goods, indicated on the order.
  4. Prices in the Shop and purchase order are indicated in EUR.
  5. The store sells goods that meet the conditions specified in the order. In cases where the goods delivered to the Customer do not meet certain requirements of the order, the Customer agrees to notify immediately by email or by telephone indicated by the Shop without delay and undertakes to take all action necessary to remedy the existing deficiencies if such defects arise due to the fault of the Shop or third parties acting on its behalf. The shop, having not eliminated the shortcomings within reasonable time-limits agreed with the Customer, has the right to protect its rights in accordance with the procedure provided by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and European Union law https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr .
  6. Shops’ obligations regarding goods: the store undertakes to transfer goods which correspond to the information indicated on each item; The store undertakes to provide the Customer with the quantity specified in the order; The store is not responsible for cases in which the quantity of goods transferred is not accurate because the Customer incorrectly provided the data in the order placed on the shop.


        V. Return of goods

  1. The Client has the right to refuse the Purchase and Sale Agreement concluded in the Shop by notifying the Store in writing (by e-mail, indicating the desired return of the item and its order number) not later than within 14 (fourteen) business days from the date of delivery of the goods.
  2. The Customer can only return the item in ‘as sent’ condition!
  3. Please contact the email: info@antique-maps.lt , goods are not refunded without prior notice.
  4. The shop undertakes to provide the user with a reasoned written response no later than 10 days after the receipt of the user’s request.

      VI. Payment terms and conditions

  1. The customer will pay for the goods ordered by him in one of the ways indicated in the Shop.
  2. If the customer has chosen one of the methods of online payment, he undertakes to pay for the ordered goods immediately, according to the order of the Customer, the parcel of goods is started to be formed only after the receipt of payment for the goods by the Shop.
  3. International buyers, non European Union countries, are responsible for paying duty and taxes on delivery. Taxes varies by country and customer must be aware of it!

      VII. Delivery of goods

  1. The store should shipp the order not later than 5–7 business days from the receipt of payment, overwise it’s agreed differently with the customer.
  2. The store undertakes to indicate the tracking code for each purchase. In case of a problem with delivery, the Shop undertakes to contact the Customer and will find the best solution.
  3. The customer undertakes, when ordering the goods, to indicate the place of delivery of the goods and the person who will accept the goods.
  4. The customer undertakes to accept the goods himself. If he cannot accept the goods himself, and the goods are delivered to the specified address and based on other data provided by the Customer.

      VIII. Other provisions

  1. All notices to the Store must be submitted by e-mail: info@antique-maps.lt or by phone no.: +370 69 00 69 00.