c. 1680 – J. Janssonius – Groenlandiae Islandiae


Title:                   ” Typus Maritimus Groenlandiae, Islandiae, Freti Davidis, Insulae Iohannis Mayen, et Hitlandiae, Scotiae, et Hiberniae litora maritima septentrionalia”​


Rare contemporary colored copper engraved see chart of the North Atlantic including a part of Baffin Island (Canada), southern part of Greenland, Iceland, Jan Mayen and the British Isles.

It is embellished with a decorative title cartouche, flanked by whalers, in the upper center. In the lower left corner is an ornated bar with three mileage scales, guarded by mermaids. Sea monsters ramble and ships sail the Arctic Ocean.

Also two fantasy islands are depicted: „I. Gouberna“ near the Westfjords and „Enchuyser Eyland“ east of Iceland. To the Northeast, Greenland‘s coastline is only suggestive. The extent of the shore remained unknown at this time.

Published by Johannes Janssonius in Latin edition atlas “Novus Atlas…“, Amsterdam, c. 1680.

Cartographer:     Johannes Janssonius (1588 – 1664)

Sheet size:            57,1 x 46,2 cm

Year:                       c. 1680

Technique:           copper engraving


Good condition. Contemporary coloring. Margins extended.

This is a genuine antique map published circa 1680 and not a modern copy or reprint


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