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1542 – S. Munster – Tabula Europae I

Title:                      “Tabula Europae I”​

Munster’s first map of the British Isles, based on Ptolemy’s writings! Woodcut map of the British Isles and the northern European coast by Sebastian Münster is contained within a trapezoidal frame with markings of latitude and longitude in the borders. The sea is marked with wavy lines in the manner of medieval maps, and a high-pooped vessel fills the empty space north of Scotland. The two panels of text list the ancient tribes of Britain and Ireland respectively. The contemporary annotator has specified time differences at the different lines of latitude.​ Munster’s Geographia (first published in 1540) and later named Cosmographia. The Geographia included not only Ptolemaic maps, but also a number of landmark modern maps, including the first separate maps of the four continents, the first map of England and the earliest obtainable map of Scandinavia. The Cosmographia was first published in 1544.

Cartographer:      Sebastian Munster​ (1488 – 1552)
Sheet size:           37,0 x 31,2 cm
Year:                     1542
Technique:           woodcut

Very good condition! Hand coloring. Text on verso. Middle fold as issued.​

This is a genuine antique map published in 1542 and not a modern copy or reprint!


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