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1574 – S. Munster – Die neüwen Inseln

Title:                     “Die neüwen Inseln/ so hinder Hispanien gegen Orient bey dem land Indie ligen”​


The earliest and one of the most important separate map to show both Americas. Although it was not the first map to use “America” as a designation for the New World, it was the appearance of the name in the Cosmographia, an immensely popular work which went into some forty editions over the hundred years. It is the first map to show the New World as an entity, the earliest appearance of Japan on a map, predating European contact and first appearance of Mare Pacificum on a map. It is nicely decorated map with Magellan’s ship Victoria, the only survivor of five vessels and Brazil as the ‘place of the cannibals’ (Canibali).
Map comes from the German edition of Sebastian Münster’s Cosmography, titled “Cosmographey oder beschreibung aller Länder”, published 1574 by Heinrich Petri in Basel. The woodblock of this map was used first in Münster’s ‘Geographia Universalis’ in 1540.​


Cartographer:      Sebastian Munster​ (1488 – 1552)

Engraving size:       28,0 x 39,2 cm

Plate size:       27,0 x 34,5 cm

Year:                  1574

Technique:           woodblock


In good condition. Verso with contemporary handwritten annotations and drawings. Few small repairs in centerfold, right upper marginal corner restoration, lower margin extended.

This is a original antique map published in 1574 and not a modern copy or reprint!

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