1609 – G. Mercator – Designatio Orbis Christiani


Title:                     “Designatio Orbis Christiani”

This is one of the first thematic maps showing the different religions in the different parts of the World. It is on a planispheric projection and uses symbols (identified in the key at bottom) to designate those areas of the world that are Christian (cross), Muslim (crescent), and idolaters (arrow). German text on verso. Map comes from Mercator’s atlas “Atlas minor, das ist ein kurtze, jedoch gründtliche Beschreibung der gantzen Welt”.

Cartographer:      Gerardus Mercator (1512 – 1594) & Jodocus Hondius (1563 – 1612)

Sheet size:           22.4 x 18.5 cm

Year:                     1609

Technique:           copper engraving


Very good condition, strong print on watermarked paper.

This is a genuine antique map published in 1609 and not a modern copy or reprint!


On your request I will provide a Certificate of Authenticity!

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