1709 – N. Sanson – Riviere Du Rhein


Title:                 “Le Cours De La Riviere Du Rhein depuis sa Source jusques a son Emboucheure ou sont distinqués Touts Les Estats Et Souverainetés, qui sont dessus et aux environs. Tiré de tous les Memoires les pl. Nouveaux. Par le Sr. Sanson, Geographe Ordinaire du Roy. Presenteé A. Monseigneur Le Dauphin & Dedie a Mr. le Tellier.”​

This detailed map follows the course of the Rhine river from its source in Switzerland to the Netherlands, where it empties into the North Sea. The map extends west past Reims, France, east to Wurzburg, Germany and south to Lake Como in Italy. The map is filled with detail of political boundaries, towns, rivers, and mountains. The map is adorned with two large decorative cartouches.

Cartographer:       Nicolas Sanson (1600 – 1667)
Leaf size:               67,8 x 50,9 cm
Year:                      1709
Technique:            copper engraving

Very good condition. Dated. Heavy paper. Hand colored. Perfect for framing!

This is a genuine antique map published in 1709 and not a modern copy or reprint!

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