1778 – M. A. Lotter – Carte Nouvelle de L’Amerique Angloise


Title:                      “Carte Nouvelle de L’Amerique Angloise contenant tout ce que les Anglois possedent sur le Continent de L’Amerique Septentrionale . . .

Very nice map of the North America, it shows the 13 British colonies, all of which are mentioned by name in the title cartouche. The map covers the region from James Bay through Newfoundland in the north and to the northern part of Florida in the south. Includes nice details in the Great Lakes region and a few places named in the Ohio Valley, including Logs Town, Twictwees, Ft. Du Quesne, Allegheny, Vinango, Buffaloons, Sandoski and Mingos. Ft. Necessite. It depicts those British colonies in North America who seceded from the motherland Britain in 1776 in the United States Declaration of Independence. The map was published 1778 in Nuremberg “Atlas Geographique”. – Title cartouche with hs. Notes in brown ink.


Cartographer:           Mathias Albrecht Lotter (1741 – 1810)

Sheet size:                  55,3 x 66,5 cm

Plate size:                  49,5 x 61,0 cm

Year:                            1778

Technique:                  copper engraving


Very good condition! Original hand colouring. Upper right margin corner restored (doesn’t not reach the image).

This is a genuine antique map published in 1778 and NOT a modern copy or reprint!

On your request I will provide a Certificate of Authenticity!

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