1781 – Homann Heirs – Duche de Meklenburg


Title:                 “Carte Generale de Duche de Meklenburg. – Charta Ducatus Megapolensis ad statum hodiernum in suas Provincias et Praefecturas divisa.​”​

Decorative map of the duchy of Mecklenburg, extends from Rügen in the north to Kyritz on the Knatter in the south, from Lübeck in the west to Anklam in the east, thus shows besides Mecklenburg also parts of Vorpommern and the Prignitz.

Cartographer:       Johann Baptist Homann (1664 – 1724)
Leaf size:               65,8 x 55,0 cm
Year:                      1781
Technique:            copper engraving

​​Good condition. Verso reinforcement around margins (map was in the frame before). Middle fold as issued. Slightly brownish. Original colors. Red line partly stamped at the left side of map.

This is a genuine antique map published in 1781 and not a modern copy or reprint!

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