1500 – J. Schönsperger – Vom Werk des Vierden Tags


Title:                                                     “Vom Werk des Vierden Tags”


Very rare three decorative set of plates presents the story of the Creation of the World according to the Book of Genesis. The story is presented in a series of circular diagrams with the hand of God in the upper left corner. The seven days of creation are shown on sheets in 8 circular woodcuts: In the beginning God created heaven and earth;  1st day – the division of light from darkness with two simple circles; 2nd day – the creation of the firmament, with two additional rings of space and in another diagram adding one more ring representing the creation of earth, water, fire and ice; 3rd day – day, land and sea, plants; 4th day – celestial body, the thirteen symbolic rings of space containing the sun, moon and stars surrounding the earth; 5th day – animals of the water and air; 6th day – God created man in his own image and in this illustration the hand is replaced with an image of God with Adam emerging from the earth ; 7th day – Sabbath, the Sanctification of the Seventh Day, God is surrounded by the heavenly choir above the firmament of thirteen circles with the earth at the center and the four winds filling each corner.

After the great success of this first illustrated description of the world – Liber chronicarum, Johann Schönsperger published a smaller pirate copy of the Nuremberg chronicle.

The page comes from the Johann Schönsperger German text edition book “Das buch Der Croniken unnd geschichten” published in Augsburg, 1500.

Publisher:            Johann Schönsperger (1455 – 1521)
Sheet size:            3 * 28,4 x 19,5 cm
Year:                       1500
Technique:           wood block

Good, original condition. Watermarked paper. Fer brownish spots and water stains.

This is an original antique map published in 1500 and NOT a modern copy or reprint


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