1493 – H. Schedel – Das sechst alter


Titles:           “Das sechst alter” & “Data est mihi potestas in celo et in terra: Salvator”


A woodcut showing Jesus surrounded by his 12 apostles and each of the evangelists represented by his symbol in the corners. In the upper center sits Jesus in a robe of ample folds, with the orb held on his left knee. His head is encircled by a cruciferous nimbus, that is, one inscribed with a cross, which is a form especially devoted to Christ. The apostles are seated in a circular group, to Jesus left is Peter and to the right Peter’s brother Andrew, downward from St. Peter on the left are John, Thomas, Philip, Matthew, Jude and downward from Andrew on the right are James the Greater and James the Lesser, Bartholomew, Simon and Matthias.

The four corners of the woodcuts are filled in with the symbols of the Evangelists—the angel for Matthew, the lion for mark, the ox for Luke, and the eagle for John.

At the head of the page on a broad scroll is the inscription:
Data est mihi potestas
in caelo et in terra:
“Power is given to me
in heaven and on earth.”

The engraving comes from the Schedel’s Nuremberg Chronicle, woodblock cutters were Michael Wolgemut and Albrecht Dürer, printed by Anton Koberger in Nuremberg, 1493.

The Nuremberg Chronicles was the first printed history of the known world with about 2000 woodcuts the most picturesque work of the early time of printing. It became one of the most popular book of the 15th. century. German edition.

Cartographer:      Hartmann Schedel (1440 – 1514)
Sheet size:             30,7 x 41,3 cm
Year:                       1493
Technique:           wood block

Good condition compare to the age, strong press on handmade paper. Few cracks professionally restored.

This is an original antique map published in 1493 and NOT a modern copy or reprint


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