1614 – S. Munster – Africa mit Seinen Befundern Landern


​Title:                      “Africa mit Seinen Befundern Landern/Theiren/ und Wunderbarlich en Dingen”​

Small woodblock map of the Africa continent and page with descriptions about strange people and animals who lived there. It depicts the Nile’s origins in twin lakes located near the Motes Lunae. It excludes the Horn of Africa and the Cape of Good Hope, but many kingdoms of central and north Africa are shown. Münster was the first map-maker to make separate maps of each continent. This map is full of myths. The African coast had been explored but the rest was still a mystery. Münster had no facts to fill his map of Africa. Instead, he used ancient Roman sources. These spoke of dog-headed men, one-eyed people, and one-legged beings who shaded themselves with their huge, single foot.

Map comes from the German edition of Sebastian Münster’s Cosmography, titled “Cosmographey oder beschreibung aller Länder“, published in 1614 by Heinrich Petri in Basel.

Cartographer:      Sebastian Munster​ (1488 – 1552)
Leaf size:             34,8 x 22,0 cm
Year:                   1614
Technique:           woodcut

Original condition, no restorations or repairs. Small losses in margin. Fer brownish spots.

This is an original antique map published in 1614 and NOT a modern copy or reprint

On your request I will provide a Certificate of Authenticity

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