1640 – W. J. Blaeu – Gallia Vetus


Title:                     “Gallia Vetus, ad Iul Caesaris Commentaria, ex Conatibus Geographicis Abrah Ortelii”​

The map of ancient France during the Roman Empire, based on information from Caesar’s De Bello Gallico by Abraham Ortelius and divided into three parts inhabited by the Belgae, the Aquitani, and the Celts. The names of the regions and tribes of Gallia at both sides, title cartouche and a seal with a profile of Caesar are present.

Copper engraving published by Willem Janszoon Blaeu in French edition atlas “Theatre du Monde ou Nouvel Atlas. Seconde partie. J. Blaeu”, in Amsterdam, 1640.

Publisher:       Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571 – 1638)
Sheet size:          57,8 x 48,7 cm
Year:                     1640
Technique:         copper engraving

Good condition. Original hand coloring. Brownish paper. Few small marginal separations and water stains.

This is an original antique map published in 1640 and NOT a modern copy or reprint


On your request I will provide a Certificate of Authenticity

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