1652 – M. Merian – Lithuanorum Duce Radivilio de Cricevio


Title:                      “LITHUANIA”​

The fortification plan of the Lithuanian military camp near Rechica in the 1649 July 31. In 1649 Jonušas Radvila with approximately 6,000 soldiers moved towards Kyiv Voivodeship, where he defeated the Cossacks at Lojev. It is the last battle’s scheme is shown in the copper engraving. It depicts the main combat actions, locations, units and personalities described in the legend below. The diagram shows the infantry units of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: sailing by ship (P), the artillery units (D), the camp set up on the order of the hetman, which was surrounded by four rings made of carts (E), Duke Radvila leading the attack (O), units of Cossacks who moved and established themselves across the Dnieper River (K).

The engraving comes from atlas “Theatrum Europaeum“, engraved by Caspar Merian, published by Matthäus Merian at Franfurt am Main, 1642.

Cartographer:  Matthäus Merian (1593–1650)
Sheet size:           39,8 x 33,3 cm
Year:                     1652
Technique:         copper engraving

Good condition. Watermarked paper.
This is an original antique map published in 1652 and NOT a modern copy or reprint


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