1670 – G. G. Priorato – Ianusio Radziwil


Title:              “Ianusio Radziwil Duca di Birza, e Dubing Principe del Sacro Romano Imperio Capitan Generale Dell’Esercito del Gran Ducato di Litvania”​


Very rare and highly detailed copper engraving portrait of Jonušas Radvila, Radziwiłł (Радзівіл) family.

Jonušas Radvila (1612–1655) – the son of the Grand Hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Kristupas Radvila and Ona Kiškaitė. It was descended from the Biržai and Dubingiai branches of the Radvila dukes. The army of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania led by Jonušas Radvila achieved several victories against the Cossack rebels of Ukraine. 1655 October 20 together with his cousin Boguslav Radvila and other Lithuanian nobles initiated the Kėdainiai Union.

The print comes from Galeazzo Gualdo Priorato book “Historia di Leopoldo Cesare, continente le cose piu memorabili successe in Europa, dal 1656 fino al 1670. Descritta dal co. Galeazzo Gualdo Priorato…” published by Johann Baptist Hacque, engraved by Mauritius Lang in Vienna,1670.

Author:                Galeazzo Gualdo Priorato (1606 – 1678)
Sheet size:            21,8 x 31,3 cm
Year:                      1670
Technique:           copper engraving

Very good, original condition. Watermarked paper.

This is an original antique map published in 1670 and NOT a modern copy or reprint


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