1799 – Laurie & Whittle – A New Map of the Kingdom of Poland


Title:              “A New Map of the Kingdom of Poland, with its dismembered provinces and the Kingdm. of Prussia.”​


This important map by Laurie and Whittle shows the Kingdom of Poland after Third partition. Map extent is from Brandenburg to Russia, and from the Gulf of Livonia to Moldova and Hungary, covering all of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and portions of Prussia, Russia, Livonia, Hungary, Germany and Austria.
This map depicts Poland in 1799, four years following the 1795 Third Partition of Poland when Russia has annexed nearly the entire western half of the former Polish-Lithuanian Confederation.

The map comes from Laurie and Whittle atlas “A general atlas, describing the whole universe: being a complete collection of the most approved maps extant; corrected with the greatest care, and augmented from the latest discoveries” published in London year 1799.

Publisher:            Laurie & Whittle
Sheet size:            72,0 x 52,5 cm
Year:                      1799
Technique:           copper engraving

Very good condition. Original contemporary hand-coloring. Original centerfold and platemark visible. Blank on verso.

This is an original antique map published in 1799 and NOT a modern copy or reprint!


On your request I will provide a Certificate of Authenticity!

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