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c. 1683 – C. Allard – Novissima Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula



This is one of the extremely decorative and very rare double-hemispherical world maps of the late seventeenth century. ​The scenes are almost identical as on the world map “Nova Orbi Tabulas” issued by A.F. De Wit. The corners are filled with images of the seasons, the zodiac, and the elements, all combined within four well-composed vignettes. At top left is a personification of Spring, who also represents Virgo, with the element of Air billowing her robes. The bull of Taurus and the ram of Aries are shown to the right. The top right vignette represents Fall, with the shore in the background including the element Water. A putti holds a crab representing Cancer, and the lion of Leo is held by another. The twins of Gemini flank the inset of the North pole at top. The lower left scene presents summer and Earth with a wine-imbibing Bacchus held aloft by putti, while one of his devotees is dramatically ill in the foreground. The signs for Scorpio and Libra are held by two followers, while Sagittarius gallops in the background. Winter holds court in the final vignette, with the element of Fire shown to the left. Aquarius is represented by a child pouring water, while another holds a fishing pole with the double fish of Pisces, and a goat representing Capricorn is pulled by another.

California is represented as an island on the Briggs Model, with no north coast across the straits of Anian. A single large open lake is shown, consistent with Jan Jansson’s map of North America dating from 1636. South America is projected incorrectly and displayed much more broadly than its actual form. Australia and New Zealand reflect recent discoveries by Abel Tasman. Below the two-lines printing privilege “Cum Privilegio ordinum Hollandiae et Westfrisiae“.


Cartographer:     Carel Allard (1648-1709)

Sheet size:          53,0 x 60,5 cm

Plate size:          50,5 x 59,5 cm

Year:                   c. 1683

Technique:           copper engraving

Good condition! Contemporary coloring. Lower middle fold separation professionally restored.


This is an original antique map published circa 1683 and NOT a modern copy or reprint!


On your request we will provide a Certificate of Authenticity.

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