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1705 – G. de l’Isle – Theatrum Historicum

Title:                      “Theatrum Historicum (and) An Historical Map of the Roman Empire…”


Large map of Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa and parts of the Middle East with inset double hemisphere world map. Dated 1705. Map finely engraved with a profusion of details. Left sheet shows western Europe and the northern Mediterranean basin as far as Crete. The southern Mediterranean shores are also meticulously represented and extend eastward as far as Libya. To the left of the decorative title cartouche is an inset showing the Western hemisphere, including an undefined Western coast in North America. Right sheet illustrates topographical features and early country configurations of the Middle East and Asia. Decorative title cartouche and inset representing the Eastern hemisphere symmetrically shown in upper right corner.

Map Maker:     Guillaume de l’Isle (1675 – 1726)

Sheet size:        122 x 51 cm

Date:​                   1705

Technique:         copper engraving

​Good condition, contemporary colors, paper with original watermarks. Printed on 2 sheets joined together. Middlefold splits restored and reinforced.

This is a genuine antique map published in 1705 and not a modern copy or reprint!

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