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1783 – J. A. Dezauche – Pole Septentrional

Title:                      “Planisphere Physique ou l’on voit du Pole Septentrional ce que l’on connoit de Terres et de Mers Avec les Grandges Chaines de Montagnes …”​

Rare map of the World on a North Polar projection, which is intended to illustrate the watersheds of the World, as the water flows from the various mountain chains to the seas. Each chain of mountains acts as a watershed to direct the flow of the rivers. Depicts the Sea of the West, incomplete Australia and a host of other interesting features.

Cartographer:     J. A. Dezauche
Engraving size:    45,0 x 34,0 cm
Sheet size:           66,3 x 49,6 cm
Year:                     1783
Technique:           copper engraving

Very good condition, original coloring, strong paper with watermarks!

​Due to the age of this map some imperfections to be expected!

This is a genuine antique map published in 1783​​​ and not a modern copy or reprint!

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