1740 – M. Seutter – Septemtrionali America


Title:                   “Accurata delineatio celeberrimae Regionis Ludovicianae vel Gallice Louisiane ol Canadae et Floridae adpellatione in Septemtrionali America descripta quae hodie nomine fluminis Mississippi vel St. Louis…”​


A beautiful map of North America from the East coast to Spanish-controlled New Mexico. The French territory of Louisiana spans the area between New Mexico and the Appalachian Mountains. Seutter indicates the locations of European and Indian settlements, as well as major roads and geographical features throughout the continent.
In the upper left-hand corner of the map, there is an inset map of the Louisiana coastline, from the Mississippi Delta to the Florida peninsula.
The cartouche represents the story of the Mississippi Bubble, a stock scandal that financially ruined many Europeans in the early 1700s. The wealthy investors are buying stocks from winged cherubs while standing to the left of a statue of Faith, who is pouring riches out of a large cornucopia. Several more cherubs are seated, cutting piles of paper into stock shares.
To the right of the statue, a group of impoverished, cheated investors watches sadly as a cherub dangles an empty purse before them. Small children are blowing soap bubbles from pipes. The map is based on Nicolas de Fer’s influential map of New France from 1718 and is nearly identical to Ottens’ map circa 1719, with the exception that Seutter depicts an additional 100 miles farther south.

Cartographer:     Matthaeus Seutter (1678 – 1757)
Sheet size:          52,1 x 62,2 cm
Year:                     1740
Technique:           copper engraving

Good condition. 10 cm split in lower middle fold professionally fixed, small water stain at bottom, lightly soiled and browned. Heavy paper with original watermark. Original, contemporary hand colouring.

This is a genuine antique map published in 1740 and NOT a modern copy or reprint!

On your request I will provide a Certificate of Authenticity!

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