1770 – G. B. Probst – Templum Dianae


Title:           “Templum Dianae Ephesi, Miraculum Mundi Quintum.”


Very decorative view of the Temple of Artemis, also known as the Temple of Diana. It was a Greek temple located in Ephesus, present-day Turkey. By 401 AD it had been destroyed. The description below in Latin, French, Italian and German. Engraving was made for viewing in a zograscope, called Optical print or Vue’ d’Optique or Guckkastenblatt.

The engraving comes from the series: “The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.” in four languages, after Maarten van Heemskerck drawings, published by Georg Balthasar Probst in Augsburg, 1770.


Cartographer:     Georg Balthasar Probst (1732–1801)
Sheet size:               41,2 x 30,6 cm
Year:                         1770
Technique:             copper engraving

Reasonable condition. Original hand coloring. Narrow margin. Several small splits along the edges.

This is an original antique map published in 1770 and NOT a modern copy or reprint


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