1794 – F. Bohn – Europa Volgens de nieuwste Verdeeling


Title:                     “Geheimzinnige toebereidselen tot eene boertige reis door Europa. Vermaakshalven voorgelezen in, en opgedraagen aan, de Maatschappij der Verdiensten, onder de spreuk FELIX MERITIS, door A. Fokke Simonsz.”

The rare book of Arend Fokke Simonsz, published by Francois Bohn and engraved by H. Klockhoff, 152 pages, Dutch text.

It includes two maps of Europe, one of them is very uncommon cartographic curiosity map showing Europe in a female shape, demoting from the former Virgin Queen to an ordinary house wife according to anti-Napoleonic propaganda.

Publisher:           Francois Bohn (1757 – 1819)

Size:                         22,3 cm x 14,0 cm x 1,3 cm

Year:                        1794

Technique:           copper engraving


Very good condition.


This is a ORIGINAL antique book published in 1794 and NOT a modern copy or reprint


On your request I will provide a Certificate of Authenticity

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