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1829 – J. Arnz – Atlas der Alten Welt

Title:                     “Atlas der Alten Welt in XVI illuminirten Charten. Nach den besten Hülfsmitteln zum Gebrauch in Gymnasien”

Attractive and rare, complete atlas of Europe and surrounding countries with 16 coloured maps published in Düsseldorf by Arnz & Comp.

Contents / Inhalt:
1. Orbis terrarum antiquus.
2. Hispania.
3. Gallia.
4. Britannia et Hibernia.
5. Germania.
6. Italia.
7. Italia propria.
8. Moesia, Myris graeca, Macedonia et Thracia.
9. Epirus, Thessalia et Hellas.
10. Peloponnesus.
11. Insulae Maris Aegaei.
12. Asia minor, Syria, Phönice et Cölesyria.
13. Palestina.
14. Aegyptus.
15. Terrae inter Euphratem et Indum.
16. Terrae à Ponto Euxino act Septemtrionem sitae.

Publisher:           Josef Arnz (1792 – 1841)
Atlas size:          34 cm x 26,5 cm x 1 cm
Year:                     1829
Technique:          lithography

Good, original condition, no restorations. Some soiling, toning, and occasional foxing, mostly to margins, bumped corners, back cover with scraped area.


This is an original antique atlas published in 1829 and NOT a modern copy or reprint


On your request we will provide a Certificate of Authenticity.


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