1839 – J. Lowenberg – Historisch geographischer Atlas


Title:                     “Historisch-geographischer Atlas zu den allgemeinen Geschichtswerken von C. v. Rotteck, Pölitz und Becker in 40 colorirten Karten”

Attractive complete atlas of Europe with 10 double-page maps and 30 one-page maps. Double-page maps contains: outline map for the history of the earliest times except Cyrus; The Roman Empire in the time of Augustus; Survey map of the new empires created after the migration; Survey map for the history of the migration of peoples to Carl the Great; Survey map from the time of Carl the Great to the end of the Crusades; Survey map for the history from the end of the Crusades to the Reformation; Survey map for the history from the Reformation to the Peace of Westphalia; Survey map for the period from the Westphalian Peace to the French Revolution in 1789; Survey map for the age of Napoleon; Survey map for the time after the second Paris Peace.

Cartographer:   Julius Löwenberg (1800 1893)
Atlas size:          42 cm x 33 cm x 1,5 cm
Year:                     1839
Technique:          lithography

Very good condition! Original condition, no restorations. Text pages very clean! Some soiling, toning, and occasional foxing, mostly to margins.

​Due to the age of this atlas some imperfections to be expected!

This is an original antique atlas published in 1839 and NOT a modern copy or reprint!

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