1664 – W. J. Blaeu – Europa recens descripta


Title:                      “Europa recens descripta a Guilielmo Blaeuw”


Blaeu’s richly embellished map of Europe, which is an excellent representation of the decorative carte-a-figures style. Framed on both sides by five costumed figures, left border: Angli, Galli, Belgi, Castiliani, Venetiani and right border: Germani, Hungari, Bohemi, Poloni, Graeci. Along the upper edge runs a decorative border with nine European towns in oval frames: Amsterdam, Praga, Constantinopolis, Venetia, Roma, Paris, London, Toledo and Lisboa. For European mapmakers their own continent contained few mysteries or secrets by the seventeenth century. However, the mythical island of Frisland still appears between Iceland and Greenland. The map is embellished with sailing ships, sea monsters, bears in northern Russia, and lions in North Africa and Neptune riding a dolphin and holding his trident.

The map comes from rare Dutch edition atlas “Atlas Maior”,  published by Joan Blaeu in 1664.


Cartographer/publisher:       Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571 – 1638)
Sheet size:                                      44,8 x 58,3 cm
Place / Date:​                                 1664
Technique:                                    copper engraving

Good condition! Contemporary hand coloring. Brownish paper.

This is an original antique map published in 1664 and NOT a modern copy or reprint


On your request I will provide a Certificate of Authenticity

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