1744 – HOMANN HEIRS – Asia Secundum legitimas


Title:                   “Asia Secundum Legitimas Projectionis Stereographicae Regulas et Juxta Recentissimas Observationes… / Carte de l’Asie Projettee Stereographiquement Tiree des Relations et Observations…”


The extent of European knowledge in Asia is vividly depicted on this 18th century map of the continent and the East Indies. The work of the Jesuit missionaries is reflected in the well-documented region of China. Kamchatka has been reduced to its proper size from Johan Christoph Homann’s earlier map, while Siberia is clearly based on Russian surveys that were published in the early 1730’s. Japan is still shown with Hokkaido (Terra Eso Yedso Oku Yeso) attached to the mainland. The title cartouche and vignette at bottom left have been replaced with a dedicatory cartouche and a vignette that includes a king, numerous offerings, a lion, an elephant, and an incongruous American native.  The title runs across the top neatline in both Latin and French. Map is dated 1744!


Cartographer:     Johann Baptist Homann (1664-1724)

Frame size:          51,1 x 58,5 cm

Year:                     1744 (dated)

Technique:           copper engraving


Very good condition! Original hand colouring! Slightly brownish and stained. Paper with original watermarks.

This is a genuine antique map published in 1744 and not a modern copy or reprint!


On your request I will provide a Certificate of Authenticity!

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