1698 – Pennier – Camp de Coudun pres Compiegne


Title:          “Carte particuliere du camp de Coudun prés Compiegne et des environs a trois lieües a la ronde. Avec l’ordre de Bataille de l’Armée et les noms des Quartiers où sont logé tous les officiers / par le Sr Pennier”


Extremely rare, large and highly detailed map of the demonstration of force from August 28 to September 22, 1698, near Clairoix, France. More than 60,000 men were assembled for military maneuvers, in the presence of King Louis XIV. Numerous infantry battalions and cavalry squadrons, supported by an imposing artillery, simulated various attacks. Officially, Louis XIV wanted to train his grandson the Duke of Burgundy in the profession of war. In reality, these operations were intended to impress Europe by showing the power of the royal army; they were directed by Marshal de Boufflers, who received the King and the Court with so much munificence and luxury, throughout the duration of the camp, that his contemporaries were struck by it.

At the bottom of the engraving it is indicated that, during this camp, several officers were lodged at Clairoix: a lieutenant general, four field marshals, five brigadiers, and eleven colonels. On the map drawn up in 1698, we can see that a bridge of boats had been established on the Oise, upstream of Compiègne, and that between the Oise and the “path from Noyon to Clairoix”, was the “store of the left”. The “Bac à l’Aumosne” is also mentioned. Note also the presence of vines on Mont Ganelon, and the indication of the five mills on the Aronde 3, in particular the tan mill, near the Oise, and the one closest to Bienville, near the “castle where the ‘we bake bread for the army’.

Engraved by Pierre Lepautre and Sr. Dieu.

Cartographer:     Pennier
Sheet size:              79,8 x 58,8 cm
Year:                        1698
Technique:            copper engraving

Good condition. Watermarked paper. Few professional restorations on folding lines.

This is an original antique map published in 1698 and NOT a modern copy or reprint


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